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NEWS DVD! UwaaaahhhhhH! On Nov! I hope they include the TomaPi moments on the Documentary. But finally, Mola! Bambina!

And Pi Solo Con! I'd never wished more that I can go to Japan for this. But please, DVD Johnny, make it a DVD!


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I'm so BORED!

Why is there no new thing to do? So impatient for the following:
  • NEWS DVD. It'll probably come out after Pi's drama. 
  • Nodame Anime. Probably next season.
  • Other JE DVDs. I want to see cons!
  • I can't think of anything else. Boo.


I'm still Alive!

Still here. Still hooked to JE and Anime. The most fun of hobbies.

  • Am watching MR. BRAIN and Mei-chan no Hitsuji Dramas. Kimutaku's awesome. And Butlers. I want one. >.<
  • Buzzer Beat! Frilly!Pi So cute. Am rewatching Code Blue. Dr. Pi is tasty. Lol
  • SMAP con. It is cool. I wasn't sure about these old guys before, but there is a reason why they still are at the top. Goro and Kimutaku sing well. Very cool con.
  • NEWS DVD. I'm feeling it'll be out soon. Party!
  • xxxHolic. It looks like its ending. Nooo! But Clamp once again fulfills fangirl fantasies by having Watanuki succeed Yuuko. Eveb with clothes! Now, if they'll just complete the set and have Doumeki 'officially' become 'Nuki's partner.
  • Reborn! Still looking hot as ever. But anime is starting with fillers. Oh well, at least we get to see the Arcobalenos.
  • Am wondering if I should start writing fics. But then again, I'll be too guilty 'coz of the piles of paperwork that I should be doing. But when I have the time.


Wanted a layout change, but having trouble with finding a cool looking one. When I have time, maybe tomorrow, I'll try to learn how to make one. Just a simple one would do. So instead I chose this as I was feeling Christmas-y. Well, it's 3 months away. Have to save up for those presents.

And got around to making memories because clearly I have to, to pay homage to my favorite fics and authors in fandom. Will add as I get around to finding the others.

PS. October's coming. New seasons! Nodame, Junjou! Gupyaaahhhh!~  ^_________^


10 Reasons Why I Love NEWS or JE in general, but mostly NEWS
(aka a no-sense dissertation (it's long!) about why NEWS makes me HAPPY)



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Mar. 23rd, 2008

Kinda thinking about posting some stuff here at the journal. I was just completing my Kinki Kids discography, and it was damn hard to do. Looking for working links for downloads was tiring and very very dissapointing. So I was thinking of providing direct downloads for this. I think I'll use megaupload or mediafire or whatever to group these albums together. Sigh.

Also, JE ramblings.

Things that I'm really really excited to see in the next few months.
1. Kinki Kids Tokyo Dome DVD - God, I've been wanting a KK DVD since I saw them sing wonderfully. And the Kiss! AdfdsdfSd!
2. NEWS Tokyo Dome DVD - Pacific, in concert. And Yamapi in rain! 'Nuff said.
3. New Arashi album - More things to rainbow-fangirl about.
4. New Yamapi drama - I just know he'll be in one. Now if Jin or Toma or BOTH! co-star with him, I'll die happy. Really.
5. Maybe Gokusen 3? Takaki's in it. And I kinda like him.

Oh and in anime.
1. Finally caught up with Reborn. Tsuna, how could you get any hotter while I was away? I am totally dead with how seme you look right now. ILU. I'm now collecting the manga for you. I am poor, ok? But it is proper tribute to your hotness. And Ryohei's Kangaryuu? How could a Kangaroo be badass? Really? Reborn can make anything hot.
2. Luffy, You are the man! Reading one piece manga never gets old.
3, April, Macross Frontier and Code Geass R2. Hell Yeah.




From Garasu no Shounen to Phi.



arashi, i love you and your ghei


Just finished downloading Discs 2 and 3 of the Arashi Around Asia DVD! I have a day off from work tomorrow so,

I declare tomorrow as ARASHI RABU RABU DAY!!!!!

===retarded, yay!===
On my last post, I was telling you about my initiation to all that is JE. Well now, I get to say that I've sunk lower and lower into the pits filled with hip-gyrating-pretty boys who have a knack for turning my brain to mush. Seriously. Who's responsible for this? Yamapi. Really, that bishie kills me everytime he prances my screen. And his voice. Guuuhhhh...

Another one. Arashi. Rainbows. Happy happy songs outlined with not so subtle ghei subtext. I love them to death. Ohno, oh ohno. Riiidaaa!

<See my brain turning all gooey? Sense? What sense?>

JE is my schizophrenia which I never want cured. Ever.


JE is eating my brain. Seriously. The last time I was off from work, I downloaded all of Arashi's albums and singles. Now, I'm doing the same with NewS and Kat Tun. Really. I seem to be heading for the inevitable wormhole of too pretty boys who sing, act and dance- oh-so-lusciously. I'm doomed!

Oh, if there are others who want to join me into drowning into bishie heaven, here are some linkies where you could get the stuff that's been lulling me to dream of pretty pretty - hips sashaying shounen-tachi.

  • Mai-chan's All the "J" site: Has NewS, Kat tun, Arashi etc. Really, I worship her site.
  • Arashian: For all your Arashi needs: I go here for my daily Ohno needs.
  • Artemis' Meehmories of a Music Fanatic: Arashi and L'Arc en Ciel. Such a pweety combination.
Oh, in case anybody is curious, out of all the JE boys out there, I absolutely worship Yamappi from NewS and Ohno from Arashi. ~Off to fangirl some more. Kyahh!!!!~